George Cruickshank learned to play guitar and trumpet as a child and hated every minute of it. He became fascinated by electronic music whilst studying graphic design at university in the mid 1980s, and founded Ultima Thule in early 1989 after discovering that  broadcasting music is a lot more fulfilling than performing it.

At various times Cruickshank has worked as a designer, managed a  music recording label, authored press articles and reviews, maintained active membership of several heritage organisations and founded a specialist online antique dealership. 

In recent years he has been employed in senior sales and marketing roles in the telecommunications and finance sectors. From 2005 - 2007 he served as a Director of the Music Broadcasting Society of New South Wales, which owns and operates Fine Music 102.5, Australia's oldest and largest public radio station.

He is a confirmed polymath whose interests and activities  outside of radio embrace international travel, photography, 20th century design and architecture, cinema, political reform, comparative mythology, history, calendar studies, philately and numismatics and vexillology. His pet hates include stupidity, pedantry and dogmatism.

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Marc Cottee (aka Marc Kundalini) has worked as a professional DJ on the Sydney party scene since the 1990s, and is the founder and owner of Above and Beyond DJs.

He has a passion for ethnomusicology and global fusion sounds, and is known for his eclectic choices and mixes when serving up music from behind the turntables at such events as the Peats Ridge Festival, and at funky house parties like Club de la Mar and Elixir.

A recent pioneering innovation has seen Marc work with live performers, including jazz saxophonists, a capella singers and percussionists, further blurring the lines between live and recorded music. He also frequently incorporates live didgeridoo sets into his performances.

Marc joined Ultima Thule as co-producer in October 2006.

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Born in the United Kingdom, Nev Dorrington's earliest musical interests included Pink Floyd, Genesis, ELP and Yes. He later discovered Tangerine Dream, Jean-Michel Jarre, and the wider world of electronic and ambient music.

He is believed to own one of Australia's largest collections of obscure, rare and unreleased material by Vangelis.

Nev's first foray into radio occurred in 1998 when he presented a number of  Ultima Thule broadcasts. He then produced his own programme, InnerSpace during 1999, before rejoining Ultima Thule as co-producer in December 2001.

Outside radio Nev has a passion for community theatre, and has starred in numerous productions by the Pymble Players. He is also a capable self-taught juggler, and enjoys attending philosophical discussions and poetry readings.

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Jon Shapiro has been a radio broadcaster on Australian community radio since 1987. Since 1995 he has periodically hosted a range of talk radio programmes on Sydney's Eastside Radio 89.7 FM, where he can currently be heard presenting the afternoon drivetime shift every other Friday.

He was a "long-time listener, first-time caller" of Ultima Thule prior to being invited to join the team as the show's fourth co-producer in July 2009.

He has maintained an evolving interest in progressive and psychedelic rock, electronic and atmospheric music and related idioms since the 1970s. He describes the soundtrack to A Clockwork Orange as a seminal influence on his musical tastes. Unsurprisingly, he also likes the music of Beethoven.  The first album Jon ever purchased was Tangerine Dream's Tangram - but the Beatles remain his all-time high watermark as far as musical heroes go.

The editions of the show that Jon has produced to date have served to introduce UT audiences to these and similar previously largely unexplored facets of the ambient sonic continuum.

In his professional existence Jon works as a lawyer - however he stresses that he is one of those rare legal practitioners who bring to their profession first and foremost an enduring commitment to social justice, as opposed to an enduring commitment to their bank balance.

Visit Jon's myspace profile here.

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