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Ultima Thule 1507

Chthonic exhalations from Flaer, Ambient Monkeys, Aegri Somnia and Fragmented Dreamscapes.

Ultima Thule 1506

Sisyphean phantasms of an opaline night: new and recent releases on Swedish label Cryochamber, featuring Mount Shrine, Apocryphos and Fractalyst.

Ultima Thule 1505

Waiting on the shores of what might have been with I Am Afraid Of You, Blutung, EtherKraken, Simon Serc, Al Jewer and Andy Mitran.

Ultima Thule 1504

A simple, pasive imagining: new sounds from Scott Cole, Matthew Coffman, Liquid Mind, Dream Cycle and ENIL Sounds.

Ultima Thule 1503

Temporal shadow of a shimmering lifeform, with music by Courtney Swain, Hyunhye Seo, William Basinski, Steve Roden and Cremation Lily..


Ultima Thule 1502

New and recent releass on Audiobulb Records and Perceptual Tapes, showcasing Strangebird Sounds, Will Bolton, The OO-Ray and Spectrical.

Ultima Thule 1501

The spirit voice of transfigured ancestral beings, featuring Medicine Drum, Liquid Bloom, SAdu Sensai, Entheogenic, Bluetech, Ian Boddy and Xavier Rudd.

Ultima Thule 1500

To celebrate our 1500th epic episode, a selection of epic music from the North and the East - featuring Florence and the Machine, Nytt Land, Heilung and Farya Faraji.

Ultima Thule 1499

Feasting on a dragon's flesh... ravenous sounds from Julian Lage, Petteril, Not Waving, Dream Carpets, Clive Wright and Erythrite Throne.


Ultima Thule 1498

Grey firmament over a green land, with High Skies and Thorny.

Ultima Thule 1497

Dream of an interstellar wasteland... with the sounds of Zenith, State Uzurae, Terminus Void, David Helpling, Sverre Knut Johansen.

Ultima Thule 1496

Chaos and lucidity: new music from Blue Is Nine, Boy Lucid, Darren McClure, Moss Covered Technology and Keosz.

Ultima Thule 1495

A secret, whirring marvel, from Fred Again, Brian Eno, Eluvium and Soufferance.

Ultima Thule 1494

Translucent, placid, violet repose... with Robert Scott Thompson, DEborah Martin, Jill Haley and Bart Hawkins.


Ultima Thule 1493

Irregular orbit of an indisposed impostor, with music from Brian Eno, Orbital Patterns, Krakenkraft, Billy Yfantis and Moship.

Ultima Thule 1492

The visionary object of a clockwork obsession, with Jack Prest, Void Stasis and Silent Universe.

Ultima Thule 1491

Motionless serpentine stellar skies... feasturing Loscil, The Necks, Brian Eno, Daniel Lanois, Roger Eno, Stars of the LId, The Sight Below and Simon Scott.

Ultima Thule 1490

A luminous and tangled protozoan inferno; new music from Monoheart, FRore and Sverre Knut Johansen.


Ultima Thule 1489

Anomalous, misty dreamscapes from Rayne Kristine, Paul Headon, William St Hugh and Richard Lawson.

Ultima Thule 1488

Taken by a current in emerald waters, with new music from Jim Ottaway, Hollan Holmes and X1 Project.

Ultima Thule 1487

Sensing the threshold of evening, with sounds by Ti Hecker, Robert Fripp, Brian Eno, God Body Disconnect and Ryuichi Sakamoto.

Ultima Thule 1486

The watcher in the rain, with Ivan Texeira, Thiago Desant, Rudy Adrian and Eleon.



Ultima Thule 1485

Polychrome adventures in a blue, blue world... showcasing the many and varied collaboations of Evan Bartholomew, aka Bluetech.

Ultima Thule 1484

New and recent releases on Swedish label Cryo Chamber, featuring In Quantum, God Body Dsconnect, Sij, Textre Oris. Also included are new sounds on Glacial Movements, from Equal Stones.

Ultima Thule 1483

Colours of a spiraling labyrinth... featuing Loscil, Lawrence English, Tujiko Noriko, Oophi, Harold Budd, Clive Wright and Ryuichi Sakamoto.

Ultima Thule 1482

Weathering the storm, with Craig Padilla, Marvin Allen, Avalon and Heartman.

Ultima Thule 1481

Paul Headon joins the Ultima Thule production team with a smorgasbord of ambient sounds from Rudy Adrian, Darshan Ambient, Jeff Oster, Paul Avgerinos, Jeff Pearce and a host of others.


Ultima Thule 1480

Letters drawn in longhand across a loving sky by Leven Canyon, Soft Generator, Lauge and Aes Dana.

Ultima Thule 1479

Reflective silhouettes, with Kevin Pollard, Lightwave, Klaus Schultze and Illuminoscillate.

Ultima Thule 1478

Into the void; out of the cosmos. New music from Blessed Are The Hearts That Bend, Cheryl B Engleheart, Isik Kural and John Zytaruk.

Ultima Thule 1477

The ancestral origins of all... with David Franklin, Psor, Broken Chip, Seaworthy and Matt Rosner.


Ultima Thule 1476

Subliminal expressions of a mutable realm: showcasing the music of Zero Ohms and Desensitized.

Ultima Thule 1475

Wayfaring in dreams, with sounds by Atomiste, Moby, Mathias Grassow, Laraaji, Brian Eno and Maeror Tri.

Ultima Thule 1474

Gloaming ascent, with Zero Ohms - and showcasing "Atmospheric Twilight", the new album from Max Corbacho.

Ultima Thule 1473

Improbable impossibles, featuring Hainbach, Chamberz, GJ Hannah, Broken Chip, Al Jewer and Andy Mitran.


Ultima Thule 1472

Wall-to-wall Phillip Wilkerson as we showcase recent releases "Silver Afternoon" and "Cosmic Dust".

Ultima Thule 1471

Accepting perfection, with Dawn Richard, Spencer Zahn, Loraine James, Astrid Sonne, Barbara Braccini and Ulla Straus.

Ultima Thule 1470

"Voices From THe Ethereal Forest" - new music from Meg Bowles. Also featuring Deborah Martin and Jill Haley.

Ultima Thule 1469

The destiny of a rising galaxy, as explored by Eguana, Zero Cult, Magnetik, I-One and Side Liner.

Ultima Thule 1468

Lunar umbra transmissions from Dahlia's Tear, Soft Generator, Cities Last Broadcast, and Flowers For Bodysnatchers.


Ultima Thule 1467

The tale of wayfaring trees... featuring Northaunt, Max Richter, Hiemal, Celer and Radiohead.

Ultima Thule 1466

Lucid dreaming while sheltering from a solar storm; new music by Radium88, Juta Takahashi and Intelligent Life.

Ultima Thule 1465

A matrix of hallucinogenic thought, with the sounds of Brian Eno, Laraaji, Eluvium, Max Corbacho and If Thousands.

Ultima Thule 1464

Ascending towards a rising solar disc with Phillip Wilkerson, and showcasing "Beyond The Known" by Australian composer Paul Headon.


Ultima Thule 1463

Wall-to-wall Eguana and Queight, showcasing the recordings "Life Cycle" and "Forest Song".

Ultima Thule 1462

The ethereal wonder of an ever-turning year, with new music from Roger Eno, Sangeeta Kaur and Paul Avgerinos.

Ultima Thule 1461

Slow and languid movements from Max Richter, Matt Anderson, Gustaf Hildebrand and Zguba.

Ultima Thule 1460

Collaborative and solo works by Robert Rich, showcasing "For Sundays When It Rains" with Luca Formentini.


Ultima Thule 1459

Hello darkness my old friend; music from the shadowlands inhabited by A Winged Victory For The Sullen, Atrium Carceri, Brian Eno, Ager Sonus, Storm Corrosion, Desiderii Marginis and others.

Ultima Thule 1458

The profound stillness of stars, with Frore and Shane Morris, and showcasing 'The Dream Traveller' from Dreamscapist.

Ultima Thule 1457

After 13 years with Ultima Thule, Jon Shapiro departs for an unknown hemisphere through a portal of destiny with Chris Russell, Desensitized, Pink Floyd, Forenzics and Brian Eno.

Ultima Thule 1456

Being lightly singed by a book of flaming discourse... to the tune of Craque, Distant Fires Burning, Elnath Project and Dahlia's Tear.

Ultima Thule 1455

A colossal lapis lazuli catastrophe... with the sounds of Aidan Baker, Marta Kortan, Locrian, Aircode and Die Wide Jagd.


Ultima Thule 1454

Jeff Greinke, Kelly David and Meg Bowles are sentinels before a pelucid sky.

Ultima Thule 1453

Flying and falling, with Ben Bohmer, Max Cooper and Monolink.

Ultima Thule 1452

A fallen colossus revived... with music by Aes Dana, ProtoU, Atrium Carceri and Kammarheit.

Ultima Thule 1451

Going on a date in a hypnogogic state, with Sofie Birch, Dolphin Midwives, Whatever The Weather, Carmen Villain and Ludovico Einaudi.


Ultima Thule 1450

Visiting millions of ancient places across the aeons, with City of Dawn and Eleon.

Ultima Thule 1449

Echoes of consciousness; tricks of the light. Sounds by Sverre Knut Johansen, Ben Cox, Tangerine Dream and Brian Eno.

Ultima Thule 1448

Apparitions suspended in the mourning light, featuring Dave Luxton, Lisa Bella Donna, Billy Yfantis, Dronny Dark, ProtoU and Beyond The Ghost.

Ultima Thule 1447

The impending demise of an approaching organism... with Doom Poets, James Parrot, Arovane, Porya Hatami and Stars Of The Lid.


Ultima Thule 1446

A flood of carnivalesque reminiscences from Oora, Otaru, Tomo Nakaguchi and Blessed Are The Hearts That Bend.

Ultima Thule 1445

Partaking of a cosmic episode with Eguana.

Ultima Thule 1444

The descent of cooling waters from a burning sky... featuring new and classic creations from David Helpling, John Gregorius and Jeff Pearce.

Ultima Thule 1443

Unwise signaling to Shub-Niggurath. Music by Brian Eno, Aegri Somnia, Pierra LaPlace and Harold Budd.

Ultima Thule 1442

The turning year and its equinoxes; showcasing new recordings from Roger Eno and Max Corbacho.


Ultima Thule 1441

The infinite cadence of illusion, with Mystified, Tim Being, Yes, The Beatles, Blur and Bran Eno.

Ultima Thule 1440

Wall-to-wall new music from Swedish label Cryo Chamber, featurng Beyond The Ghost, Mount Shrine, Alphaxone, Cities Last Broadcast, Randall Collier-Ford, SiJ and Textre Oris.

Ultima Thule 1439

A smorgasbord of sounds from the keyboards of of the late Klaus Schulze, from his recordings "Androgyn", "Timewind", "Blackdance" and "Deus Arrakis".

Ultima Thule 1438

Platonic meanderings in the Realm of Forms; new music by Chronotope Project, Phillip Wilkerson and Chris Russell.


Ultima Thule 1437

Theories of mind and body from Eguana, Sephira, Germind and Arcane Trickster.

 Ultima Thule 1436

Moonstone rising over a tranquil sea...showcasing "Song of the Last Tree", new from C G Deuter.

Ultima Thule 1435

A difficult passage through a difficult labyrith, with Ryan Lee Wet, Brian Leeds, Sky H1, Steve Roden and Ekin Uzeltuzenci.

Ultima Thule 1434

Strange birds descending from a crepuscular sky at dusk; new sounds from Phillip Wilkerson, Rudy Adrian and Strangebird-Sounds.


Ultima Thule 1433

The eternal light of a mystic rose, featuring music by Crag Padilla, Marvin Allen, Gyorgy Ligeti and Brian Eno.

Ultima Thule 1432

Prelude for a stormy spring, in autumn, with Stephen Howard, The Amethyst Sea, and Seigo Aoyama.

Ultima Thule 1431

Into the heart of a mirrored abyss with Blood Incantation, Dean Hamilton, God Body Disconnect, Penguin Cafe Orchestra and Mombi Yuleman.

Ultima Thule 1430

Encompassing a portal to Eden with Bart Hawkins and Ben Blackett.

Ultima Thule 1429

Sad bee appeased by happy dew. Music by Germind, Eguana and Susumu Yokota.

Ultima Thule 1428

Showcasing "Discovery of Meaning" - new from Craig Padilla.

Ultima Thule 1427

Alien catnapping on a floating canine world, featuring Stars of the Lid, Soft Machine, Harold Budd, Brian Eno, Xerxes the Dark, Ager Sonus, Alphaxone and ProtoU.

Ultima Thule 1426

Oceanic epiphanies from The Amnis Initiative... and showcasing the latest sounds from Time Being.

Ultima Thule 1425

Here now, before then... with new music from Sverre Knut Johansen, Time Being and Darshan Ambient.

Ultima Thule 1424

Radiant forest dreamings from The Howard Hughes Suite, The Amethyst Sea, Sinikka Langeland and Seigo Aaoyama.

Ultima Thule 1423

Subtle mind expansions from Solfeggio, Kev Thompson, Zen Meditation Garden, Tonal Meditation Collective and Stargods Sound Healing.

Ultima Thule 1422

Endless dawn on a ceaseless horizon... new sounds from Nader Vasseghi, Paul Adams, Elizabeth Geyer and Federico Chiesa.

Ultima Thule 1421

Music for psychedelic therapies, with Jon Hopkins, 7RAYS, Ram Dass and East Forest.

Ultima Thule 1420

Embracing the sands of time as 2021 limps across the finish line, with Kelly Andrew and Kerani, and showcasing "The Soundtrack of My Homes", by Kjetil Jerve.

Ultima Thule 1419

Hallucinations on a burning plain, with Fatima Al Qadiri, Jon Hopkins, Loscil, Elori Saxi, Eluvium and Rachika Nayar.

Ultima Thule 1418

Beyond space and time... new music from Jim Ottaway and Innesti.

Ultima Thule 1417

Reflections of a looking-glass world, with Thomas Park, Northcore, Mystified, Yes, Craig Padilla and Marvin Allen.

Ultima Thule 1416

The watcher is watched while watching; new sounds from Phillip Wilkerson.

Ultima Thule 1415

Ending a dark age, featuring Sarah Davachi, Peter Bjargo, Gert De Meester, Lawrence English and Lamond Campbell.

Ultima Thule 1414

Evanescent phase shifts, with Anna Shelley, Aperus and City of Dawn..

Ultima Thule 1413

Chakra meditations from Sacred Earth, Craig Pruess, Bhanumathi Narasimhan and Karmacosmic.

Ultima Thule 1412

Black tide rising on a plutonian world... featuring new and recent releases on the Cryo Chamber label by Atrium Carceri, Sabled Sun, Ruptured World, Dronny Darko and Ajna.

Ultima Thule 1411

Night gleaning on a distant moon, with Dylan Gilbert, Colonial Skyway, Dronny Darko, Dead Melodies, Alphaxone, ProtoU and Apocryphos.

Ultima Thule 1410

New and recent releases from Alphaxone, ProtoU, Valotihkuu and Dynastor... and showcasing "Is My Destroyer" from Blessed Are The Hearts That Bend.

Ultima Thule 1409

The setting of the Sun; the rising of the Moon. Sounds from Paul Speer, John Gregorius, Ben Cox and Mystified.

Ultima Thule 1408

Searching for dreams beyond the big horizon... with Moss Covered Technology, Federico Mosconi and Ismael Cormack.

Ultima Thule 1407

Fording a stream with bright fish in a pelucid dream... classic ambientia from Harold Budd, Brian Eno, Daniel Lanois, Clive Wright and Cocteau Twins. 

Ultima Thule 1406

Descending a paradaisal well beyond the world's edge; new music from Johan Agebjorn, Mikael Ogren, Nigel Mullaney, Martin Nonstatic and Ben Blackett.

Ultima Thule 1405

Ayahuasca lullabies from Sephira, Porangui, Liquid Bloom, Deya Dova, Raio and a host of others. 

Ultima Thule 1404

The leaking light of a lo-fi sunset - with new music from Tomo Nakaguchi, The Horizontal Society and Swartz Et. 

Ultima Thule 1403

Starlight rain upon secret crystal fields, with sounds from Elori Saxi, Suzanne Ciani, Pink Floyd, Harold Budd, Al Gromer Khan and Phelios.

Ultima Thule 1402

Hovering in the humming air; music by Harold Budd, Brian Eno and All India Radio... and featuring "Solace" by Causeyoufair. 

Ultima Thule 1401

Awakening in the Cave of Dreams to the sounds of Matthew Stewart, Desenstized, Darshan Ambient and Jeff Greinke.


Ultima Thule 1159

Coming soon.


Ultima Thule 532
(coming... eventually)

The year concludes in reflective mode, with a focus on sacred music from the ancient Christian traditions of the Near East. Featuring the otherworldly voice of Sister Marie Keyrouz.


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