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Ultima Thule 1158

Ending 2016 on a Xmas-infused high with Steeleye Span, Enya and a mountain of Vangelis - including his latest release, Rosetta.

Ultima Thule 1157

Mind controlling a mad, mad, mad, mad world... with Stephen Marley, London Grammar, Weval, Miten and a whole bunch more.

Ultima Thule 1156

Another Spotted Peccary new release special - this time we feature Green Isac Orchestra, DeeperNet and Csillagkod.

Ultima Thule 1155

Discrete music by Brian Eno and... oh we couldn't possibly reveal that!.

Ultima Thule 1154

The ironic sounds of silence, as produced by Paul Giger, Tom Moor, Sherry Finzer and Juta Takahashi.

Ultima Thule 1153

New sounds from the Spotted Peccary music label, with creations by John Gregorius and Csillagkod, and additional contributions from Dan Pound.

Ultima Thule 1152

The remnant of shadows, featuring new music by Marconi Union and showcasing Solaris, the latest release from Varunian and Duga-3.

Ultima Thule 1151

The wind hemmed in by an aerial boundary; music by Michael Hedges, Scott Hansen, Steve Roach, Robert Rich, Erik Wollo, Moby and many more.

Ultima Thule 1150

American atmospherica, featuring Fire Light - the new album from Darshan Ambient - along with classic sounds by Mark Isham, Steve Tibbetts and Aparis.

Ultima Thule 1149

Music as soft as moonlight and as ethereal as dreams from Makyo and Atmosphere Factory.

Ultima Thule 1148

Showcasing new music from Craig Padilla, Chronotope Project and Claudio Casanueva.

Ultima Thule 1147

Variations on a theme, with King Crimson, Glenn Gould, Edgar Froese, Annette Kruisbrink, Fennesz and others of that ilk.

Ultima Thule 1146

Dark ambient ecstasies by Hoshin and Ben Carroll.

Ultima Thule 1145

Celebrating several decades of German electronic music label Mannikin Records, with sounds from Mario Schonwalder, Detlef Keller, Sverre Knut Johansen and Bas Broekhuis.

Ultima Thule 1144

Unreleased music from Peter Ball, twinned with the newest release from Apollonius.

Ultima Thule 1143

An ambient miscellany, featuring Michael Hedges, Moby, Liz Story, David Bowie, Phillip Glass and a host of others.

Ultima Thule 1142

Waking Across the River: new music (and some older music) from Phillip Wilkerson, and additional stellar sounds from Michelle Qureshi.


Ultima Thule 1141

Shamanic lullabye... with Eguana, Lunaspice, Sysphe and Iaccus.

Ultima Thule 1140

Solitary quietude from Unamunos Quorum, Gordon Simmons, Jim and Jillian Graham and Peter Ball.

Ultima Thule 1139

Ultima Thule welcomes the newest member of our team: Jackson Day, who joins us from WYTX 98.5 Rock Hill, South Carolina, with an eclectic mix of sounds from Karl Jenkins, Harold Budd, Brian Eno, Future Sound of London and a host of others.

Ultima Thule 1138

Unyt 2nyt! New music from Scann-Tec and old music from Tangerine Dream.

Ultima Thule 1137

Teutonic electronic... with Frank Rothe, Mario Schonwalder, Gerd Wienekamp, Frank Specht, Thomas Fanger and Klaus Hoffmann-Hoock.

Ultima Thule 1136

Chakra Noir... new Mughalesque sounds from Al Gromer Khan.

Ultima Thule 1135

The splendid cthonic, labyrinthine musical terrain of Max Corbacho.

Ultima Thule 1134

From the Depths, Understanding the Signs and Follow the River Home: wondrous new sounds from David Clavijo, Geoff Hall and Jeff Pearce respectively.


Ultima Thule 532
(coming... eventually)

The year concludes in reflective mode, with a focus on sacred music from the ancient Christian traditions of the Near East. Featuring the otherworldly voice of Sister Marie Keyrouz.


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