Ultima Thule is available online for the listening pleasure of those who live outside our Australian FM radio coverage zone.

Each edition of the show is downloadable from this page as a 56k mp3 file, for a period of 8 weeks, with a new programme uploaded each Monday. Simply "right click" and "save" on the numbered links below.

Alternatively you can have each broadcast automatically delivered to you through a podcast client. To subscribe to the Ultima Thule podcast, use this URL: http://www.ultimathule.info/xml/Ultima_Thule_Ambient_Music_Radio.xml 

Further information about podcasting - and on-demand streaming of more than 400 past Ultima Thule programmes - is available at these and similar sites:  


Ultima Thule can now also be heard live worldwide, on Sundays at 22:30 hours Australian Eastern Standard Time (GMT +10) via the Fine Music 102.5 stream.

Eventually we intend to offer higher quality subscription access to our programme archive via streaming audio... so watch this space!

Click below to listen:

Ultima Thule1067

Mixing it up in the gene pool with Paul Hazel,Syzygy, Bedouin Ascent, Influx and and Neutron 9000, mong others.

Ultima Thule1066

Dark thoughts of an evolving god... with Csillagkod, Steve Roach, Jeffrey Fayman and Craig Padilla... and premiering Evolution, the new recoding from Shane Morris and Mystifid.

Ultima Thule1065

Jon Shapiro presents the final programme in his four-part series focusing on the music released by Russian label Electroshock Records. Artists featured in this installment include Gary DiBenedetto, J C Combs and Simon Wickham-Smith.

Ultima Thule1064

Sounds of blood and thunder, with Steve Roach, Robert Rich, Kelly David and Byron Metcalf... and showcasing Nathan Youngblood's recording Asunder.

Ultima Thule1063

Autumn light filtered through a rainbow-hued dome... with music from Ishq, Steve Hillage, Brian Eno, Upper Astral and Iasos.

Ultima Thule1062

An interplanetary concatenation; space music from Michael Stearns and X1 Project... as well as Soundscapes, the new space-themed recording from Claudio Casanueva.

Ultima Thule1061

The luminous all-knowing aubergine of redemption. With Sunmox, Cheb I Sabbah, Tripswitch, Entheogenic, Ott, Alan Watts and Hans Zimmer, among others.

Ultima Thule1060

Earth sounds; desert music... showcasing Desert Light, the new album by Al Jewer and Andy Mitran... and also featuring the classic lushness of Richard Burmer.

Ultima Thule1055

Everlasting blue light of a cosmic illumination... with Asura, Sounds from the Ground, Sinepearl, Spiral System, and Ishqmatics.

Ultima Thule 532
(coming... eventually)

The year concludes in reflective mode, with a focus on sacred music from the ancient Christian traditions of the Near East. Featuring the otherworldly voice of Sister Marie Keyrouz.


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