Ultima Thule is available online for the listening pleasure of those who live outside our Australian radio coverage zone.

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Click below to listen:

Ultima Thule 1267

Further journeys into the sounds of healthful frequencies with Benjamin Bubb, Brainwave Binaural Systems, Meditative MInd, Stargods Sound Healing and Matias Cordova.

Ultima Thule 1266

Unto an ancient citadel of lost memories, featuring new music by Atrium Carceri and Chris Russell.

Ultima Thule 1265

Flying above clouds, above mountains with Resonant Drift, Jeff Greinke and Jon Durant.

Ultima Thule 1264

Parting the veil of an elemental night... featuring Fluxus and Electrowavez.

Ultima Thule 1263

The dying of the crimson light; sounds from the tail-end of another year by Ian William Craig, Thom Yorke, Tim Hecker, Laurel Halo and co.

Ultima Thule 1262

The opening of a strange, forgotten flower... featuring "Lotus Rising" - new from Chronotope Project, and "Stranger Days" by David Wright.

Ultima Thule 1261

Harmonies of a secret place with Baba Dijre, Side Liner, Numatica, Zero Cult and a host of others.

Ultima Thule 1260

Golden hymns in praise of a mindful presence; showcasing "Sky Worship" by Al Gromer Khan and "Mindfulness" from Paul Avgerinos.

Ultima Thule 1259

This will hertz me more than it will hertz you... vibrational frequencies from Sound Mind Lab, Steve Bender, Hypnose Meditation Relaxation, Matias Cordova, J S Epperson and Stargods Sound Healing.

Ultima Thule 1258

Echoes of Vinland long past, with Chris Russell and Northumbria.

Ultima Thule 1257

A vast expansive emotion... showcasing "The Chroma Plateau" from Numina and "My Favorite Songs Vol 1 by Claudio Casanueva.

Ultima Thule 1256

Strange days and familiar nights, featuring "Clear Light" from Stephanie Sante, and "Stranger Days" by David Wright.

Ultima Thule 1255

Moribund observations of a gilded place... with Thom Yorke, Nine Inch Nails, Bark Psychosis and Siavash Amini.

Ultima Thule 1254

Entering the encroaching void with Chris Russell, Dahlia's Tear and ProtoU.

Ultima Thule 1253

Revelations of a clockwork cosmology, featuring Entheogenic.

Ultima Thule 1252

Formless silence amidst a lustrous rapture... featuring "Reveries" - new from Phillip Wilkerson.

Ultima Thule 1251

An unreal city beside a hyper-real sea... with Siavash Amini, Marcus Fjellstrom, John Zorn, Evan Caminiti, Harold Budd, Brian Eno and Daniel Lanois.

Ultima Thule 1250

The truths of a mindful being; new music from Darshan Ambient, Madhavi Devi and Paul Avgerinos.


Ultima Thule 1159

Coming soon.


Ultima Thule 532
(coming... eventually)

The year concludes in reflective mode, with a focus on sacred music from the ancient Christian traditions of the Near East. Featuring the otherworldly voice of Sister Marie Keyrouz.


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