Ultima Thule is available online for the listening pleasure of those who live outside our Australian radio coverage zone.

Each edition of the show is downloadable from this page as a 56k mp3 file, for a period of 8 weeks. Simply "right click" and "save" on the numbered links below.

Alternatively you can have each episode automatically delivered to you through a podcast client. To subscribe to the Ultima Thule podcast, use this URL: http://www.ultimathule.info/xml/Ultima_Thule_Ambient_Music_Radio.xml 

Podcasts of more than 800 past Ultima Thule programmes are available at these and similar sites:

For higher quality audio we recommend our two streaming options:

You can hear us live as we go to air from Fine Music Digital, on Sundays at 22:30 hours Australian Eastern Standard Time (GMT +10) via the
Fine Music Digital stream.

You can also stream
Ultima Thule on-demand - any time, anywhere - via Mixcloud. Most of our shows back to the beginning of 2012 are currently available.


Click below to listen:

Ultima Thule 1223

The machine for collapsing dimensions; darkening sounds from Vacant Stations, Nocturnal Emissions, Illuminoscillate, Brian Lustmord, Robert Rich, Aeoliah and Atrium Carceri.

Ultima Thule 1222

Visual aroma of the godhead... with new sounds from Al Gromer Khan, and showcasing "The Chroma Plateau" by Numina.

Ultima Thule 1221

Ancient pathways to new dimensions; music from Cayo Largo, Eguana, Side Liner, Translippers and a host of others.

Ultima Thule 1220

Encounters with an interstellar other, featuring classic sounds from Michael Stearns and new sounds from Sinius.

Ultima Thule 1219

Stopping the hertz with Steve Halpern, Brainsage, Brainwave Synch and Stargods Sound Healing.

Ultima Thule 1218

Sylvi: new music from Igneous Flame.

Ultima Thule 1217

In the lands of an ancient radiant star with The Amnis Initiative, Heartistry, Annotation and The Beatles.

Ultima Thule 1216

Totems of a transhuman empire; introducing the sounds of AeTopus.

Ultima Thule 1215

Wavewalking with Ephemeral Mists, FRancis Xavier, Stefan Torto, Deuter and Lauge.

Ultima Thule 1214

A stillness in the air: a selection of new music from Sinius.

Ultima Thule 1213

Excission of a disconnected obscurancy, with the sounds of Michael Whalen, Seetyca, Keosz, Aegri Somnia, Al Gromer Khan and Atrium Carceri.

Ultima Thule 1212

Wandering through a white arcade; exploring the musical architecture of Harold Budd.


Ultima Thule 1159

Coming soon.


Ultima Thule 532
(coming... eventually)

The year concludes in reflective mode, with a focus on sacred music from the ancient Christian traditions of the Near East. Featuring the otherworldly voice of Sister Marie Keyrouz.


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