Ultima Thule is typically programmed three months in advance of broadcast, and the producers welcome the submission of suitable music for their consideration.  

Submissions should be sent to the following address:

Ultima Thule
PO Box 573
Marrickville NSW 1475

Material that is submitted for preview should be submitted on CD or CD-R only , in any uncompressed format that is readable by a standard compact disc audio player. It should be accompanied by a hard-copy printout listing complete track details, including artist name, track name and duration.

Submissions which do not comply with these requirements will not be previewed.

Please note that the producers of Ultima Thule have neither the time nor the financial resources to download and preview material from online sources.

Please also note that in submitting music recordings to Ultima Thule for airplay consideration, the copyright and publishing rights owners of such recordings explicitly license the programme producers to make any part of such recordings available at their discretion, in perpetuity, as downloadable mp3 data files encoded at 56 or 128 kilobits per second. 

Email and media enquiries may be directed to: [email protected]

Public messages can be posted to the official Ultima Thule Message Board

Other public interactions with the producers can be conducted at the Ultima Thule Blog

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