Other Ambient Music Radio Programmes:

Hearts of Space
Musical Starstreams
Star's End

Composers and Artists:

Rudy Adrian
Alpha Wave Movement
AmbientBlack - progrock-inspired ambient from San Francisco.
James Gordon Anderson - Exquisitely reflective piano performance.
Architects of the Atmosphere - Deep chthonic space-ambience.
Amongst Myselves
- Ambient soundpaintings from London, by way of Adelaide.
Arms Full of Sound - Analogue ambient sound drifts from Ontario, Canada.
- Sydney-based composer of achingly beautiful environmental ambience.
Sara Ayers - Darkly-tinged abstractionist musings.  

Amir Baghiri
- Iranian-born, German-resident minimalist ambient artist.
Peter Ball - Minimalist ambient impressionist works from the Australian outback.  Lawrence Blatt - Gentle ambient vignettes for guitar.

Chris Bocast
Ian Boddy - Prolific UK-based creator of electronic music.
Richard Bone
- Ambient in the key of Eno and Budd.
Matt Borghi

Pieter Bourke

Thom Brennan
- Accomplished conjurer of highly atmospheric sonic imagery.

David Bridie

Richard Burmer
- Weaver of gorgeous tonal narrative tapestries of sound.
Matt Coldrick - British ambient tranceman.


Sheila Chandra - Indo-celtic songstress extraordinaire.
Jim Cole and Spectral Voices
- Transcendent harmonic singing from Connecticut.
Max Corbacho - Spanish electronic artistic wizardry.
Dead Can Dance
- Transcendent tribal-mediaevalist songsters.

Mychael Danna
- Canadian composer of reductionist symphonic soundpaintings.
Deepspace - Spacemusic from Australia.
Ray Carl Daye - ambient artist from Canada.

Ian Eccles-Smith
Electron - aka Adelaide composer Paul Handley.
Enya - Mistress of the ambient Celtic vocal overdub.
Gwydion Elderwyn
Exit to Eternal Slacking - Finnish ambient music group.

Claire Fitch
- Dublin-based creator of melodic electronic compositions.
Forrest Fang - Ethno-electronic explorations.

Future Music Corp - Ambient spacemusic from the enigmaticlly-named Mike65.
Megattone - Eletro-ambient explorations from Moldovan artist Marcel Gherman.

Lisa Gerrard
- Incomparable ethno-mediaeval-inspired vocalist from Australia.
Jeff Greinke - Creator of vaguely disturbing Eno-esque ambient vignettes.

John Gregorius
Tommi Haavisto - Finnish electronic artist.
Karl Jenkins - Merging ambient and classical idioms.
Biff Johnson - Steve Roach-tinged tribal ambience.
Steve Kilbey - Rock god (ex The Church) turned ambient experimenter.
Charles B Kim - Cinematic ambience combining female vocals with electronics.
Sr Marie Keyrouz - Otherworldly vocal acrobatics from the Christian Near East.

Simon Lewis
- Sophisticated, energetic tribal world-ambient from Melbourne.
Peter Ludwig - Californian creator of masterful ambient cello drones.
Mara! - Australian group celebrating the vocal traditions of Eastern Europe.
Loreena McKennitt - Haunting Celtic-inspired vocals from Canada.

Mille Plateaux
Peter Miller - Hypnogogic entrancements by a master of sound design.
Mythos - German electronic music group.


Neodrone - An inspired melding of electronic music and operatic vocals from Sweden.
Charlie North 

- Master of surging chthonic drone soundpainting.
Matti Palaanen - Electronic narratives from Finland.
Dan Pound - Californian electronicist.
Propeller Island

Vidna Obmana - aka Belgian impressionist soundworker Dirk Serries.
Patrick O'Hearn - Darkly-tinged electro-orchestral compositions.

Colin Rayment

Markus Reuter

Robert Rich - Organic ambient guru.
Steve Roach - Grandmaster of the multi-instrumental sound painting.
Benedict Roff-Marsh - Brisbane-based creator of electronic soundscape works.
Frank Roodzant - German-school electronic music composer from the Netherlands.

Wendy Rule
- Melbourne-based gothic ambient diva.
Bruno Sanfilippo
Argentine-Spanish lyrical atmospheric-ambient maestro.
Dom F Scab

Johannes Schmoelling
- Former Tangerine Dream member.
Patrick Schouten - Dutch ambient electronica a-la Vangelis and Tangerine Dream.
Paul Schutze
- Darkly elusive electronic abstractionist. 
Seattle Harmonic Voices - a capella overtone singing from the US Pacific Northwest.
Si-o - Richly chilled ambient electronica from the northwest UK.
Spectral Eye
Michael Stearns - Spacemusic maestro.
Tim Story - Master of the exquisite tonal narrative.
David Sylvian
- Gravel-voiced renderer of atmospheric poetics. 
Juta Takahashi - Eno-esque ambient minimalism from Japan.
The Chilling Fields

Vangelis - Godfather of the epic electro-acoustic ambient tonal narrative.
Peggy van Zalm

Thomas Vee
Vir Unis
Rick Wilson
Stevie Wishart - From mediaeval sacred songs to contemporary experimental works.
Erik Wollo
- Gorgeous electronic vignettes from Norway.

Music Recording Labels:

AD Music






Groove Unlimited
Harmonia Mundi
Hearts of Space

Karmic Hit

New Albion

New Tone

One World Music

Quantum Productions

Real World


Spiralight Recordings
Spotted Peccary

Ultimae Records

Music Retailers:

Backroads Music - World's biggest mail-order supplier of ambient and related music.
Birdland - A good source for ECM releases, cool jazz and world music in Sydney.
Red Eye Records
- World's best music store - bar none. King Street, Sydney and online.
Total Recall - Europe's largest online CD and record retailer.

Ambient Music Resources:

Ambient Music Guide - World's best online guide to all things ambient; the magnum opus work-in-progress of longtime UT producer and collaborator Mike G.

Alpha Centauri
Ambience for the Masses

The Ambient Blog
Ambient.us - Ambient discussion forum.

Ambient Visions

Electronic Shadows
emForum.nl - Electronic music discussion forum.
The Hyperreal Music Archive
e | i Magazine
- Ambient music magazine.
Music for a New Age

Wind and Wire

General Music Resources:

The Music Directory

Ambient Music Garden - Ambient Music downloads for therapy relaxation, meditation and home lisening.


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