27 March, 2007

Ultima Thule at the Art Gallery of NSW


Sydney artist John Kavallaris is a longtime Ultima Thule supporter. John's painting inspired by the show - Our Norway - The Land of the Midnight Sun Branch (pictured above, with the artist) - was recently selected for display in the prestigious 2007 Archibald, Wynn and Sulman Exhibition at the Art Gallery of New South Wales. See it at the Gallery until 13 May.


16 November, 2006

Ultima Thule in Canberra

The successful conclusion of a recent trial broadcast has resulted in Ultima Thule  being picked up by 2MBS' sister station Artsound FM, and the show will go to air in the Australian capital city of Canberra starting next week.

Ultima Thule will air on Tuesday nights from 10pm on Artsound's 92.7 frequency.

This development means that the programme will be heard every week on three of the five stations in the Fine Music Network. The three collectively broadcast to approximately 30% of the Australian population.

1 May, 2003

Ultima Thule Goes National

 Ultima Thule  is set to go national, with the announcement that it will be networked to the South Australian capital city of Adelaide from June 2003.  

The programme has a fourteen year history at 2MBS-FM, where the unique approach of producers George Cruickshank, Nev Dorrington and Mike Watson in mixing a stylistic grab-bag of music to create a weekly 90-minute atmospheric soundscape that can range across mediaeval sounds, world music, film soundtracks, experimental works, contemporary classical composers and the latest in ambient electronica - has consistently proven its popularity with late night audiences. 

Ultima Thule is expected to air in Adelaide in a Saturday evening slot, and will be broadcast by 5MBS-FM - the latest addition to the national Fine Music network of  classical music stations that also includes 2MBS, Melbourne's 3MBS, and 4MBS in Brisbane. 5MBS received its permanent licence in August 2002, and began 24-hour daily broadcasts in November of that year. 

In announcing the networking arrangement today, programme founder George Cruickshank stated: 

"I believe that the short-sighted management decisions that have seen the demise of popular ambient and atmospheric music programmes on Australia's national broadcaster in recent years have done a tremendous disservice to radio audiences across this country by dumbing-down and homogenising music content. I am pleased that Ultima Thule has consistently opposed this trend in Sydney, and I am even more pleased that in working with 5MBS we are now in the position of helping to increase the on-air music choice for Adelaide audiences as well."


14 August, 2001

Ultima Thule Moves to New Timeslot

Commencing October, Ultima Thule, Australia's foremost weekly radio programme of ambient and atmospheric music, will move to an exciting new timeslot.

Successful lobbying of policy makers at 2MBS by programme producer George Cruickshank will see the programme shift from its current early Saturday evening slot to 10.30pm - midnight on Sundays from 7 October.

Late Sunday evening has long been established as an optimal timeslot for ambient music broadcasting in Australia - a fact borne out by the phenomenal ratings success of similar programmes previously produced by stations affiliated with the Australian Broadcasting Corporation. 

The producers of Ultima Thule welcome this opportunity to build on the programme's established popularity by providing Sydney audiences with the ideal ambient wind-down for their weekends. 

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