Ultima Thule was the term used in ancient times to describe the regions comprising the far northern extremities of Europe - lands lost in the mists of legend, lying far beyond the realms of the known world.

In early 1989, when producer George Cruickshank was researching a name for his revolutionary new music radio programme, Ultima Thule seemed the perfect fit. The programme first went to air on 1 February of that year. 

Two decades on Ultima Thule is the longest running programme of its type in Australia, and is firmly established as one of the country's foremost alternative music programmes, enthralling audiences with a unique, entrancing melange of ambient and atmospheric music from around the world and across the ages - all drawn from a private library comprising some 6000 recordings. 

Each broadcast of Ultima Thule is presented as a 90 minute ambient soundscape narrative, with minimal announcer interruption.  

Ultima Thule is broadcast live to the greater Sydney metropolis from the studios of Fine Music 102.5 every Sunday evening from 10.30pm - midnight. It is also heard coast-to-coast across Australia via satellite on the Community Radio Network, and globally via streaming audio and podcast.

     from City Child, by Selma Robinson,
     Farrar & Rinehart Inc, 1931.


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