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Ultima Thule 1393

Moonrise over an imperial city, featuring Paul Speer, Chris Russell, Kelly David and Chronotope Project.

Ultima Thule 1392

The unfolding of great and wondrous persistence, with fresh releases from God Body Disconnect, Hilyard Division and Federico Mosconi.

Ultima Thule 1391

Hymn to a fading star... with sounds from Malibu, Slow Riffs, Dream Carpets, Burial and Tim Hecker.

Ultima Thule 1390

Portal to an oceanic hemisphere; showcasing new music from Time Being and Desensitized.

Ultima Thule 1389

Going with the cosmic sleep flow... with sounds by Astronaut Ape, Translippers, Eguana, Enoch Prusak and Tone Ranger.

Ultima Thule 1388

Interludal illuminations; new music from Fluxus and from Craig Padilla and Marvin Allen.

Ultima Thule 1387

Erosion event at the stone of memory, with Sufjan Stevens, Andy Stott, Max Richter, Elori Saxl and Tetsu Inoue.

Ultima Thule 1386

Moonlit signalling interrupting a grace-filled silence... featuring new music from Deborah Martin and Jill Haley.

Ultima Thule 1385

Pulsing the milestones with Hollan Holmes, Bart Hawkins and Rudy Adrian.

Ultima Thule 1384

An impossible mirage made possible; new music from "L'Sonnet Vol 1", by Causeyoufair.

Ultima Thule 1383

Healing with Prana, featuring Serenity Calls, Niyama, Prana Yama and Yogsutra Relaxation Company.

Ultima Thule 1382

A peacock in the hand is worth two in the verdant brush... new sounds from Tapes And Topographies and Second Harmonic Generation.

Ultima Thule 1381

Panoramas seen from on-high, with Ascendant, Arcane Trickster, Sulkdrugs and Magnetik.

Ultima Thule 1380

From dusk through to night... twilit and nocturnal emanations by Rudy Adrian and Max Corbacho.

Ultima Thule 1379

Pussyfooting at Lizard Point with Brian Eno, Robert Fripp, David Bowie, King Crimson and Daniel Lanois.

Ultima Thule 1378

Map-making for flaneurs, with new sounds from Spacecadet Lullabies and Juta Takahashi.

Ultima Thule 1377

Resonant solfeggio frequencies generated by Brainsage, Kev Thompson, Steve Bender, Jonas Kopp and Stargods Sound Healing.

Ultima Thule 1376

Rainmusic, skymusic, watermusic... by Harold Budd, Brian Eno and Robert Rich... and showcasing "Other Weather", new from Jeff Greinke.

Ultima Thule 1375

Wayfaring before sunrise, with Atrium Carceri, New Risen Throne, Kammarheit, Experimental Audio Research and Eppu Kaipainen.

Ultima Thule 1374

Lighter than dust; heavier than cloud: new sounds from Radium88, Russ Young and Phillip Wilkerson.

Ultima Thule 1373

Sacred fires beneath a golden moon, with Yaima, Zen Baboon, Akal Dub, Kaya Project, and Martin Roth.

Ultima Thule 1372

Restless ripples upon a crystalline ocean, with Porya Hatami and The Amethyst Sea.

Ultima Thule 1371

A disturbance in the night, featuring Beyond The Ghost, Alphaxone, Colonial Skyway, Apocryphos, Tetsu Inoue and Akerius.

Ultima Thule 1370

Dreams of balsam and myrrh, from Sverre Knut Johansen and SineRider.

Ultima Thule 1369

Something liquid this way comes... with music from Craig Padilla, Marvin Allen, Hollan Holmes and Rudy Adrian.

Ultima Thule 1368

A feast of new sounds by Hollan Holmes and John Gregorius, from Spotted Peccary Music.

Ultima Thule 1367

An indigo discourse with a cerulean sky... with sounds from Harold Budd, Daniel Lanois, William Basinski, Nicolas Jaar, Jakub Alessandro Cortini and Olafur Arnalds.

Ultima Thule 1366

A new music showcase, featuring "Meditation in Green" by Kelly David, and "Stalking The Elusive" from Enrico Coniglio and Giulio Aldinucci.

Ultima Thule 1365

A special edition of Ultima Thule: Marc Kundalini in conversation with US composer Trevor Oswalt, AKA East Forest.

Ultima Thule 1364

Styx and stones and brittle bones; new music from Tineidae, Phonothek and Atrium Carceri, on Cryo Chamber.

Ultima Thule 1363

Nailing it down securely, with Simon Fisher Turner, Edmund de Waal, Adrianne Lenker, Carlo Giusti, Roger and Brian Eno and Michael Scott Dawson.

Ultima Thule 1362

Ascension to the realm of the ambient piano, with the sounds of All India Radio, Josh Roydhouse and Ludovico Einaudi.

Ultima Thule 1361

Showcasing new releases from Darshan Ambient and Massergy on Spotted Peccary Music.

Ultima Thule 1360

When Eternity Touches Time: new sounds from Jim Ottaway, and also Nicholas Gunn.

Ultima Thule 1359

Descent unto an abyssal void, with Council Of Nine, Thomas Prislac Jr, God Body Disconnect and Cities Last Broadcast.

Ultima Thule 1358

Finding solitude within a disrupted continuum: new releases on Cryo Chamber from Ruptured World, Beyond The Ghost, Council Of Nine, Dronny Darko and ProtoU.


Ultima Thule 1159

Coming soon.


Ultima Thule 532
(coming... eventually)

The year concludes in reflective mode, with a focus on sacred music from the ancient Christian traditions of the Near East. Featuring the otherworldly voice of Sister Marie Keyrouz.


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